Course curriculum

    1. L1 : Blogging Supreme Launchpad Orientation

    2. L2 : Blogging Business Model

    3. L3 : Goal Setting Excercise for Blogging

    4. L4 : Blogging Success Channels to Follow

    5. L5 : Supreme Hacks of Successful Bloggers

    1. L1 : What is CMS and Why we use them and it's Types

    2. L2 : Wordpress vs Blogger : Best Platform to Start Blogging?

    1. L1 : What is Niche ,Types and Why we need Niche Research?

    2. L2 : Niche selection 5P Formula

    3. L3 : Niche Research Marketplaces and Ideas

    4. L4 : Supreme 2500+ Niche Ideas and Micro Niches

    5. L5 : Supreme 7 Step Niche Validation Formula

    6. L6 : Supreme Niche Clarity Finalization Tool

    1. L1 : 5 Mandatory Tools Needed for Blogging

    2. L2 : What is Hosting,Types and Best Hosting for Blogging?

    3. L3 : What is Domain Name,Brand and Different Types?

    4. L4 : How to install WordPress on Hosting account?

    5. L5 : How to Link Domain with Hosting and DNS Setting?

    6. L6 : What is Cloudflare,its benifit and complete integration with blog?

    7. L7 : Complete Wordpress Overview and Basic Mandatory Setting.

    8. L8 : What is Plugin,how to install plugin and why we need plugin?

    9. L9 : 20+ Mandaoty plugins, its overview and complete setup

    10. L10 : What is Theme and Most recommended Free vs Paid Themes?

    11. L11 : How to install theme and customize for Menu and Category?

    12. L12 : 8 Mandatory Pages for WordPress and how to create them?

    13. L13 : How to customize wordpress blog with Premium Theme?

    14. L14 : What is Widget and how to customize widget and its importance?

    15. L15 : How to customize Home Page using Page builder

    1. L1: What is keyword and Query and Different types of keywords?

    2. L2: What is keyword intent and how to check?

    3. L3: What is LSI keyword and how to find?

    4. L4: What type of content Google Rank in SERP?

    5. L5: What is keyword research and why it is important?

    6. L6 : 6 Point Keyword research checklist?

    7. L7 : What are the Free and Paid Keyword research tools?

    8. L8: Supreme Manual keyword research Technique for Beginner.

    9. L9: Complete Ahref Overview on how to use :Paid keyword research tool

    10. L10 : Ahref keyword research using Keyword Ideas and Suggesstion Techniques

    11. L11 : Ahref keyword research using the Questions techniques

    12. L12 : How to do keyword research using Competitor website?

    13. L13 : Keyword Research using the Quora,Forum website or Pinterest.

    14. L14 : SEMRush Overview on how to use : Paid keyword research tool

    15. L15 : SEMRush keyword Research using Keyword Ideas and Auto Suggestions

    16. L16 : Keyword Gap Techniques for Keyword Research

    17. L17 : Supreme KGR Technique for Keyword Research

    18. L18 : Keyword Researh using Keyword Everywhere

    19. L19 : Keyword Research using Answer the Public

    20. L20 : Keyword Research using Thehoth SEMRush Free Alternative

    21. L21 : Keyword Research using Bloggingos SEO Tools

    22. L22 : Keyword Research Using Google Trend

    23. L23 : How to do Keyword Research for International Blogging?

    24. L24 : How to do Keyword Research using Google Search Console

    25. L25 : Exclusive Case Study on Which Keyword Research Tool is the Best?

    1. L1 : What is Search Engine , how it Works and SEO?

    2. L2 : What are the Different Types of SEO based on Techniques and Methods?

    3. L3 : Rank Math SEO Plugin Intsalltion,setup and Overview

    4. L4 : What is SiteMap and How to Create Sitemap?

    5. L5 : What is Search console, Importance and Integration with Blog?

    6. L6 : What is Google Analytics, Importance and Integration with Blog?

    7. L7 : What is Robots.Txt File , importance and how to create File?

    8. L8 : What is Technical SEO and 15 Point Checklist?

    9. L9 : How to Audit Website Technical SEO and Monitor Existing Issues?

    10. L10 : What is On Page SEO and 15 POint Cheklist for On Page SEO?

    11. L11 : What is Off Page SEO and Why it is important to Rank?

    12. L12 : What are Backlinks ,Types and Different Tags based backlinks?

    13. L13 : How to Analyze Backlinks for Website :Free and Paid Method?

    14. L14 : What is Private Blog Network (PBN) and How it works?

    15. L15 : What are the Different ways to get backlinks : Paid or Organic Backlinks ?

    16. L16 : How to get organic backlinks using Long Tail keyword strategy?

    17. L17 : What is Link Replacement and Broken link building techniques?

    18. L18 : What is HARO and how to get organic Backlinks from News Websitess?

    19. L19 : What is Web 2.0 Backlinks and How it works?

    20. L20 : What is Profile Backlinks and how to create them?

    21. L21 : What is Forum Backlinks an How to create them?

    22. L22 : What is Comment Backlinks and how it works?

    23. L23 : How to get organic backlinks with Collaboration?

    24. L24 : How to get paid backlinks using LinksManagement?

    25. L25 : How to get paid backlinks using freelancing platform?

    26. L26 : How to use Home page to Create Powerful Backlinks?

    27. L27 : How to remove the Spammy Backlinks using Google Disavow?

    28. L28 : How to Manage backlinks of Site using LinksWhisper?

    29. L29 : What are website authority matrices DA-PA,DR-PR and TF-CF?

    30. L30 : Most Important SEO terminologies to Understand?

    31. L31 : What is Schema and How to add Schema to Website?

    32. L32 : 20 Years History or Journey of SEO Since 1994 till today.

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