Course curriculum

    1. Youtube Supreme Launchpad Expectation

    1. L1 : What is YouTube and how it is a powerful marketing system?

    2. L2 : Blogging vs Affiliate Marketing vs YouTube, Where to start?

    3. L3 : YouTube Niche research and how to find the best money making niche?

    4. L4 : Types of Channel and Language you need to Choose?

    1. L1 : How to create YouTube Channel?

    2. L2 : YouTube Channel Studio complete overview

    3. L3 : YouTube Channel Icon,Banner,Branding and Social Channel setup

    4. L4 : Complete YouTube channel Setting and Optimization

    1. L1 : What is Google Adsense and how it work with YouTube?

    2. L2 : Google Adsense Policy for YouTube Partner Program.

    3. L3 : How to enable monetization feature and create adsense account?

    4. L4 : Complete Adsense account verification and payment method setup

    1. L1 : How YouTube Algorithm Works : Breaking the Myths.

    2. L2 : How to do keyword research using YouTube Search feature?

    3. L3 : How to do keyword research using paid tools like VidIQ

    1. L1 : How to plan YouTube Video Creation : Length, Content and ,Topic ideas.

    2. L2 : How to create most engaging video?

    3. L3 : Tools and Accessories Required for YouTube Video Creation?

    4. L4 : How to edit YouTube Video step by step and export the same

    5. L5 : What is YouTube Short and how it is powerful feature of YouTube?

    6. L6 : How to create and edit youtube Short videos.

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